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Olive oil

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Our olive oil is the result of many years of investment and agricultural expertise. The working processes make it possible to obtain an oil of high quality. Used in seasoning or during cooking, its taste will seduce you for sure.


After a very high level of technical control, the olives are traditionally picked by hand or with small vibrators and then transported within the hour to the crushing unit located in the centre of the estate. A single cold pressing is then carried out to obtain an extra virgin oil of high quality and rare purity.


In order to keep all its flavour, the oil is carefully stored in stainless steel tanks, away from light and air, and maintained at an optimal temperature between 18 and 21°C.


The oils produced this year are a blend of Moroccan Picholine (75%), Picholine Languedoc (5%) and Arbequina (20%).


This oil is, of course, compliant with the standards of the 3 criteria defined by the IOOC (International Olive Oil Council), namely the acidity level, the peroxide value and the polyphenol level. As proof of its quality, its acidity rate is 0.3% (standard of the IOOC < 0,8%).


Olive oil

€7,10 Regular price €8,90

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Véronique MUSINA

satisfaction a 100%

olive oil

I am really enjoying the olive oil with an amazing taste and a very stylish design for my shelf

Ensoleillement de mes recettes

J’ai découvert l’huile d’olive de Nea Terra et la qualité est vraiment au rendez-vous !

Je prends plaisir à cuisiner avec au quotidien et je la recommande fortement ! Merci

Delicious olive oil

Delicious olive oil, very tasty! Perfect for salads, no need to add anything else

On recommande

Depuis que nous utilisons cette huile d'olive sur nos buffets catering nous avons que de très bon retours de la part de nos clients.


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