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My story

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Who I am

Nea Terra was created in 2021 by me, Ilias, a half Greek half Moroccan entrepreneur, who believes there's no better way to experience a culture than through it's artisanal products.
Through my expat experiences, I was often missing products from home and quickly realized how much harder it was to find quality Moroccan products in Europe.
Every trip back to Morocco, I was packing my suitcase to capacity with flavorful products from home, which were then shared amongst my friends.
A few weeks of discussion was all it took to realize I should be sharing my Mediterranean culture with more than just my friends.
This is how the idea to start Nea Terra was born!
If you look closely at the word Mediterranean you'll spot the name Nea Terra reversed; Nea in Greek means new, and Terra in Latin means Earth. I'm thrilled to be able to combine curated symbols of my culture and values of sustainability and bring them to your home and kitchen. I wanted to name it like that as New Earth means a new start for me, for my products, for people, for animals, for the environment and for our planet.

What I offer

I offer a range of culinary and cosmetic products from Morocco.

My catalogue comprises of assorted of spices, herbs, seeds, teas and oils all ideal for cooking. I also offer clays, scented waters and oils for the body and skin. 

All my products are natural, vegan and most of them are organic. They are sourced directly from small cooperatives and family-owned businesses in Morocco.

Who I work with

I have a clear vision of what Nea Terra should be, and my values define my brand. I exclusively work with small (often women only) cooperatives and family-owned businesses who aren't always given the recognition they deserve. My goal is to give them a chance to enhance their laborious work and promote the quality of their product.

Environmental impact

In line with my values and the importance of sustainability, my products are packaged in glass bottle, or plastic free biodegradable and compostable kraft bags. My goal is to be 100% plastic free in the next years and I'm working to find a sustainable replacement for the small percentage of plastic still found in some of our products.

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